Donic Dotec Impuls

Fantastic player feeling of the Impuls blades combined with the unique cork handle of the DOTEC system. Our manufacturers combined two affirmed elements to design this new blade.
The Impuls Dotec has similar playing characteristics to the Impuls 7.0. It offers unmatched control and bounces when hitting the ball. Despite the 9 layers and a total thickness of 7 millimeters, the Impuls Dotec with only 80 grams is surprisingly light in weight. This was possible because of the Balsa wood. The veneer combination with two layers each of Yaya as well as Koto and the special gluing method of Carbon and adhesive high-tech fibres creates the required stability and provides remarkable power. Additionally, there is the very comfortable cork handle of the already for many years excellence is proven DOTEC system: The result is a unique blade that is only available at DONIC. Recommended for offensive players that like control with outstanding feeling:
DONIC Impuls Dotec. 9 ply blade – Aratox Carbon fibre combination 1+9 ply Yaya 2+8 ply black gluing and fibre layer 3+6 ply Koto 4+7 ply Balsa Inner layer: Aratox Carbon fibre